Here are ways you can work from home. People all over the country do it every day as their own personal businesses and as I find them I like to list them below so you can see IT IS POSSIBLE. All you have to have is a dream, some motivation & will & drive & it will HAPPEN! Enjoy.

I know Joanna from Facebook. We have worked together on online sites that we have made money through. She also has her own Work From Home Business. Below is about her & the business.

Hi, I am a stay at home mom of 4, ages ranging from 7 years to 6 months. My business is ran mostly on Facebook. My shop is called The Brag On Me Boutique. I make children's chunky statement jewelry, and also take custom orders, for those who may want something different than what I am offering. I also specialize in adult style jewelry for those who love to customize outfits etc. I have made jewelry for wedding parties and more. I also dabble in wire work, and have come up with some adorable hair pieces for little girls in which I call the "Mini Tiara". I love my stay at home job, and I love coming up with new ideas to share!
Here is the link to my Boutique. 
~Joanna Orozco


Below is about doing Virtual Assistant work you will see advertised all over the internet. Now not all companies advertising job's online are legit but it helps to know what an actual virtual assistant is and what they do & the some of the companies that are legit to get you started. A business associate of mine below explains it in detail.

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA) ?
- by Callie Boyd -

In a nutshell, a VA is basically someone who works 100% online as an Independent Contractor performing one or more miscellaneous assignments/jobs/projects/tasks for someone else (i.e. a client).
A VA can have his/her own virtual assistance business including other VAs working as a team.  Or, a VA can work on a solo basis without a team or business.
A VA can have one or multiple clients.  A VA's tasks can usually range from anywhere from article writing to website design and development, depending on the VA's skill set and experience.
As for me, I currently work for only one client and my VA tasks include customer service, data entry, and work from home/ad consulting.  My VB (virtual boss) and I have a great
working relationship, and have been working together for about 7 years now :)
Listed on the Legit Survey Sites Page you can find her work from home fav's by going to her blog. The link is listed there.  Please view the site listed below also as Callie's site is filled with information.

This is a site I reference daily. They always post great work from home job leads, informative posts and blogs to read. They are a great group to colab with and very positive and motivational.  Ask for Callie Boyd if you have any questions about the site or posts on the site.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Do you want to have your own business full time or part time? Many single Mom's & Dad's do this and I'd like to give everyone interested a lead to get started. All of the people & their home business advertised above or below I have known for a while & are valid real people making money from their business. They each look forward to answering any questions you have to get started w/them today.


Here is one idea of a way to work from home as well as work outside of the home if like to do both.

I am the mother of three wonderful boys. I am also married to a wonderful man and have been for ten years! I have been a stay at home mother for almost ten years as well. Over the last ten years, I have tried many different independent businesses because I wanted to be able to stay home and be with my children as they grow as well as be able to help out financially. I will admit that I also like the me time I get with an independent business. With all this being said, I have been unable to find a product that I truly loved and that I truly loved to sell. I had many friends and family members who kept telling me I should sell Scentsy and I kept blowing the idea off. I was pretty much at the point where I had given up on the idea of selling anything. A friend of mine had a party so I decided to take a look online to see what the rave over this product was all about. I thought that a no wick candle that was non-toxic and safe for my kids and my pets was a good idea. I placed an order. I continued to think about this product all night so the next day I decided to sign up to sell it. In my first five days, I sold a little over $700 in product right on my website. Keep in mind, I had never been to a party, I had not tried the product, nor had I got my starter kit yet. Just based on my sales, I knew, I had made a great choice because this product was selling its self. I have now gotten my product and used it. I have to say that I Love It!! I will never go back to a regular candle ever again. I am a NO WICK CHICK!!! I make great money and I get to enjoy a wonderful product that smells amazing. The best thing is I get to share this product with great people making their homes safe with a no flame candle!!!! Not to mention I can also help others do the same and provide the same life style for their families through selling Scentsy too. So either buy or join as a consultant it's totally up to you!
here is my website just copy and paste the link below!!!


This link below is for Christian work at home mom's aka CWAHM. 
It's an awesome site to learn about job's out there for working from home. I encourage you to look at what they offer. Keep up to date w/the site as new jobs come up all the time. They have great bloggers too and a lot of work at home information, advice, help etc.


Will list many more here after I get the rest of the blog updated