When it comes to survey sites each one has their own way of doing things & some require you to fill out profiles & keep them up to date from month to month. Make sure you DO THIS. Follow their rules & keep all your information up to date so that way when a site sends you a survey it's because it's a good match for you based on the information you provided for your profile or account. Not all will qualify even still, but the chances are greater the more accurate, up to date & active the profile is. I cannot stress it enough that you can't give up when it's a bad day & you didn't qualify for anything. Start over the next day, after time you develop a re-pore w/the site, your profile becomes one that is recommended or used a lot for survey match up's & before you know it you'll be getting qualified all the time & doing studies & reviews not just surveys with these sites. Just keep at it. There are so many survey sites that are legit that your bound to find several that will work for you weekly & that you'll qualify with. So don't lose hope if at first you don't succeed, try try, try again! lol.


This site is my ultimate favorite because I've done some awesome product testing, and they always have great paying survey's I always seem to qualify for. They pay via check when you cash out.

These sites below do not have referral links or a referral program at this time.

But these sites do pay and I've been paid multiple times 100% Legit & Free to Join

VOCAL POINT surveys surveys & more surveys


 Dollar Surveys
-Pays weekly (varies on the day each week) direct to your PayPal account (each day you are emailed a link to do a survey, re-use that link over and over until they no longer have surveys available for you at that time.)



Talkback Surveys

- This survey site seems to work better for me to get surveys I qualify for. My success rate with Talkback survey invites are more then most other sites. I also like that you can cash out at $25.00 and I always pick to have them send to my PayPal account but there are many other options for what you can do with your cash through them. They have higher dollar amounts paid for each survey then some other sites as well.



Project Payday
This is one of my very first work at home sites. It offers many ways to work from home including ways that involve money investment up front. But if nothing else sign up to at least work in the Project Payday Research section which I've cashed out on many of times. This is just for surveys & they pay good. .75cents and up for each survey & also pay you ten cents for surveys you do not qualify for which most survey sites do not. A bonus is: I've got to try out some free products in their surveys too.


<a href="http://www.projectpayday.com/go/3468148">
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I like this one but the have you join differently. It's by invite only. You give them your email & they will invite you. There is no real referral code or anything  


Want more sites? 
I encourage you to visit a very special business associate of mines website. She has been an inspiration & mentor for me in the "work at home world." Callie Boyd is amazing and has provided her blog for me to share with everyone where you can find legit survey sites she has made the most money with. Please click the link below and see what she has to offer you as well.