Do you have an Smartphone, Iphone, Android or a blackberry?
There are places that pay you to use your phone. Most are places that want you to try out apps. You download the app and try it out then get credited for doing so. Some want you to "check in" places and post a picture with what you bought, ate and the company's logo. That simple.

Do you love to watch TV?
Well now we can be paid to watch TV!
All you do is check in and the phone app listens to your TV and confirms the show you are watching. After the show ends even if it's 2seconds later you will earn points. These points are redeemable for the many many types of giftcard's they have. You get many other little opportunities to earn points with their app too. So go sign up with this link below.
You can do it online on your PC and download the app for your phone from this link too or just do it all from your phone. GOOD LUCK, I LOVE THIS SITE!

JINGIT currently not active but sign up anyways & be apart of upcoming events w/this company. They were good to us when they were active.
Simply one of the best phone apps if you have a phone that is compatible. This Company pays us to watch videos, do Walmart Check in's or find mystery ad's on Walmart's home page. You have a weekly cap limit of earnings from $10-$15 each week. The first two dollars go towards paying for your card that your funds are added too. This is a Jingit Prepaid Visa Debit card you'll love. You can also take the funds from the card and transfer to another card if you prefer. The payments are instant. If you make money, you can automatically cash out EVEN if it's only .15 cents ; ] This is also a site through Facebook you can ad as an app and play on the computer too. You don't have to just use it on your phone. (not all phones are compatible)
Click this link and it will take you to the wall post to click the actual Jingit referral link and get ya started signing up.


Use this link:    download the app and when prompted enter the code: SE1051002.
You can get paid for liking Facebook pages and downloading apps. It's an awesome app. Simple and easy to do from your phone ; ]

WeReward is a great site that pays you to download apps as well as "check in" places..$10.00 cash out & pays to Paypal. Join today !

Get linked up with Checkpoints another mobile Android app that you get paid to check in to places and scan products for pay.
Use my refferal bonus code please: Mammabee

Want to join a Company and get paid to receive text ad's on your phone? Cash Texts is launching their ad's on Black Friday 2011. Sign up for free & start getting paid to read a text ad.

You literally pic an app to try out (I only do the free apps) and download it and try it out. It will have you go back to AppRedeem and you will get credit for it and share your thoughts. Cash out is so low too! .25cents paid via PayPal. I've already checked out after a 1.50 and I'm back at .50 again. I have an Android so there is not as many "FREE" apps to choose from but the Iphone should have lots more. Good Luck!
Look under your apps section in the market or store or just google AppRedeem on your phone to find the app. ; ]

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