Monday, March 9, 2015


Hello Hello, This is my blog intended to help others like myself who want to make some money from home with out jumping through all the hoops, all the disappointments, sooo much research time, headaches of false hopes & financial losses. A person can make real, honest money from home, online and 24 hours a day working full time or part-time or anywhere in between. You can do so at your own convenience from anywhere you want to work. It is possible to successfully work from home & I am here to guide you to some of the best sites I've found over the last several years, saving you time & money as I've already done the research, suffered the losses, the disappointments & headaches for you. I cannot lie either & take credit for finding all the sites as many of my fellow associates & some now friends, have definitely been a great help along the way. We work together in this online work from home journey so you will NOT be alone in it.

Because there is actually a ton of places to list, I have broken them all down by category. In this business you can make money from your cell, from watching videos, rating songs, advertising products, hosting party's, rating and reviewing products, sampling and sharing, listening to the radio, shopping, using coupons, playing games etc. There is a tab on the top of this site for making money using your cell phone listed under: "MAKE MONEY ON YOUR CELL", than there is the survey only sites, sites to advertise on, tasks sites, start your own business sites all listed in their own individual tab above. Each is listed below this post or in one of these tabs. This particular way of posting all the sites links for you, allows you to read through each post, decide where you want to begin & get started at your own pace, on your own time. If you then find you have questions or concerns please send me an email Find me on Facebook also.  I am here to help anytime. : ] 

Swag Bucks

I love this site because once you download the toolbar you can use thier search engine to do all of your searches and randomly win points just for doing what you already do every day. Like them on Facebook and you can get swag buck codes or join contests and polls, searches and playing games. It's a very user friendly fun site. So far I've cashed out two times and on my way to the third. I had no problems with that or getting the cash. Use the link below to sign up now ; ]


This site is amazing because you can print out coupons that will obviously save you cash but once you use the coupons from this site Inbox will pay you for using them. They have games, tasks, surveys, offers and video's too. $30.00 Cash Out and great referral plan. So much to do to earn some extra money why wait? Just Click on the link below:
(The picture below is of my current earnings as a gold member. I have already received my first check!) I didn't scan it to show here though so I apologize.


This site has become one of my favorite. Part of our pay is donated to the charity of our choice we choose when we sign up. You can change it at anytime also. I can't think of a better thing then to pay people & be able to fund charity organizations. There are, many organizations you can choose to be apart of. Once your a member (which is free to join) you will be provided with actions called Sample & Shares which are what you see below in the pictures. With these you get products from one Brand and you are to do a party where you host & share about the product. It's fun & so cool to get some of these products FOR FREE mind you.  I completed an action where Old Navy approved me to be apart with many other panelists where we were given free outerwear jackets coupons for ourselves & one friend to Old Navy to get & review. FREE JACKETS - you didn't have to ask me twice and then we just had to post pictures and complete a report and had the free jackets to wear year after year. Old Navy is not an active Brand with them at this time but so many awesome brands are.You just have to check this site out!!!
The way it works now is they will have you earn points that pay to your charity & then enter your into monthly brand drawings. You complete quickhits (answer questions basically), you have photo & text missions, actions and sample & shares. Each month they award tons of gift cards to us based on winnings. Some have won many gift cards with many brands and some months nothing at all. So if you want to do this company for the monthly winnings I wouldn't, I solely love this company for the freebies we are lucky to get & review for free : ]

Below are pictures of thing's I have received with this company!


Do you enjoy listening to music? Now there is a site that will pay you to listen to 90seconds of a song. You just have to type a small review and rate the song between 1-10 and submit to be paid. It's awesome and very interesting to listen to the variety of music.
(I need to update this & visit the site as I have not in a year. So need to check to reverify everything.)