Monday, March 9, 2015


Hello Hello, This is my blog intended to help others like myself who want to make some money from home with out jumping through all the hoops, all the disappointments, sooo much research time, headaches of false hopes & financial losses. A person can make real, honest money from home, online and 24 hours a day working full time or part-time or anywhere in between. You can do so at your own convenience from anywhere you want to work. It is possible to successfully work from home & I am here to guide you to some of the best sites I've found over the last several years, saving you time & money as I've already done the research, suffered the losses, the disappointments & headaches for you. I cannot lie either & take credit for finding all the sites as many of my fellow associates & some now friends, have definitely been a great help along the way. We work together in this online work from home journey so you will NOT be alone in it.

Because there is actually a ton of places to list, I have broken them all down by category. In this business you can make money from your cell, from watching videos, rating songs, advertising products, hosting party's, rating and reviewing products, sampling and sharing, listening to the radio, shopping, using coupons, playing games etc. There is a tab on the top of this site for making money using your cell phone listed under: "MAKE MONEY ON YOUR CELL", than there is the survey only sites, sites to advertise on, tasks sites, start your own business sites all listed in their own individual tab above. Each is listed below this post or in one of these tabs. This particular way of posting all the sites links for you, allows you to read through each post, decide where you want to begin & get started at your own pace, on your own time. If you then find you have questions or concerns please send me an email Find me on Facebook also.  I am here to help anytime. : ] 


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